How to Preserve your Roller Sets!

Keeping a style like this looking fresh like you just stepped out of the salon is damn near impossible especially with natural hair.  It can be very frustrating spending the time or money on a style only to sleep on it the first night and totally ruin it.

I have tried many different ways of preserving my curls from sleeping pretty, to pin curling at night but there has been only one method that works for me and my limited amount of free time 😏

I use what I like to call the "Tie Down Method." That is taking a scarf (satin or silk) and tieing down my curls for bed. (Pictured below)

This may seem like you are crushing your curls but I found that this method actually keeps your curls in place and does not allow them to move or become unformed. 

Now if you sleep like a raging bull and your scarf flies off every night, then this method probably wouldn't work for you. 

Once the morning comes and I'm ready to take my scarf off I always make sure my hands are coated with an oil to prevent and further frizz (my choice oil is coconut).  

As you can see, the curls are still formed however they are smushed to my head. 
To bring the curls back to life I simply fluff my hair and re twirl sections that are frizzy using my fingers.  If you want to be very meticulous instead of fluffing you can pull the curls from your scalp section by section and re twirl where needed. 

3rd Day Hair

Once you are done fluffing be sure to "Raise those Roots" using a pick and lay those edges using your fav edge tamer! Viola! You are done! 

Check out how I achieved these curls below